Our Purpose – Eversafe Academy Alumni Association

We increase the Eversafe Academy’s outreach impact by serving as an independent gateway for alumni of all cultural identities, backgrounds, and experiences – globally and locally – in order to create and deepen the sense of belonging to the Eversafe Academy Family, the Leader in Professional Training Regionally.

For all of our alumni members, our regional network experience will help you to reconnect with classmates and old friends. Speaking of connecting, we invite you to visit any of our campus neighborhoods, where we gather to pray, learn, network, be inspired, and share our passions, such as traveling. This EA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION will provide you with a distinct and meaningful way to engage with the Eversafe Academy and fellow alumni and friends in the areas that are most important and meaningful to you.

Recent Events

Graduation Ceremony 2023

Recent Events

Graduation Ceremony 2022

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