International Students

  • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requires a minimum of 90% attendance in each module for the course enrolled for all international students holding the Student Pass. Then only the student is eligible to get the certificate upon completion of the course.
  • If there is a shortage of attendance below 90% in any situation (medical leave / approved leave), the students are to pay for the makeup classes and attend them to meet the attendance requirements.
  • Any international student who does not meet the minimum of 90% attendance for any module without valid reasons will have their Student Pass revoked or cancelled by ICA and will have to be expelled from course
  • International students with less than 20% attendance shortage who wish to join after the commencement date of the course may be allowed to join the course by arranging makeup classes to satisfy the attendance requirements.

Local Students

  • Eversafe Academy requires a minimum of 75% attendance each module and overall during the course period from the student (e.g. NRIC/WP) who do not require a student pass, for the student to be eligible to get the certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Local students not requiring a student pass, who register after the course commencement and possess an attendance shortage of less than 35%, may also be allowed to enroll in the course by organizing makeup classes to satisfy the attendance requirements.

Short Term Courses

  • The attendance requirement for WSH/Short term courses will be set according to the specific requirements set by the approving authorities. Eversafe Academy adheres to the attendance requirement strictly.
  • This requirement is clearly communicated to the student during the orientation, starting of the course as well as through the Student handbook and website.


    • On going students are expected to apply leave at least one day in advance if they wish to take any planned leave. CLICK HERE to apply online
    • If any students fail to apply leave in advance, an absence record form link will be sent to the students to complete on the day of absence.