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Children Yoga Course helps children to manage stress and emotions better. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques taught in the classes promote relaxation, calmness, and focus. Children become more self-aware and learn to handle day-to-day emotions more effectively.

Entry Requirement

Age between 6 to 13 years and Physically Fit

Course Overview

  • In our Children Yoga classes, children will experience the joy of movement, learn valuable mindfulness and breathing techniques, find relaxation and rest, enjoy moral stories, and discover ways to integrate yoga into their daily lives. These carefully designed modules provide a holistic and enriching yoga experience for children, resulting in:
  • Enhanced focus, improved attention span, and heightened self-awareness. Improved stress management, emotional well-being, and increased confidence. Better posture, improved physical alignment, and increased body awareness. Strengthened immune system, leading to a reduced frequency of illness. Our aim is to nurture the overall development of children through the practice of yoga, empowering them with valuable tools for physical and mental well-being.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Children Yoga ,
  • Concentration Development,
  • Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques,
  • Relaxation and Mindful Rest, Moral Stories and
  • Integration of Yoga into Daily Life

Course Duration

  • 10 Hrs (2hrs * 5 Evenings)

Medium of Instruction: English & Tamil

Teaching Methodology:

Face to Face Training

Learning Environment: ·

  • Room with the capacity for up to 20 candidates
  • Room or place to be used must be away from noise or interruptions

Class Size:

Recommended Class Size – Classroom: 20

  • Min – 10
  • Max – 20

Key Person In-charge: Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Facilitator/Learner Ratio: 1:20 (classroom)

Course Attendance Minimum: 100% for classroom

Course Fee Inclusive of GST: S$ 50.47

Assessment Advice : NA

Funding & Claims: NA


  • Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a certificate of achievement endorsed by Eversafe Academy Ltd., will be awarded to the trainee.
  • E-cert available

Course Venue

2 Kampong Kapor Road Little India Near, Jalan Besar, MRT Station Exit B, Singapore 208674

3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606

2, Joo Koon Road, Singapore-628966

2 Wan Lee Road, Singapore 627934

Renewal Points for professionals: NA


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