Fire Watchman Safety Course (FWSC)

For Whom

The Fire Watchman Safety Course is designed for individuals aspiring to become Fire Watchmen. Whenever hot work activities are involved and a hot work permit is being requested, it is mandatory to have at least one designated and trained fire watchman present.

Entry Requirement

For workers or any site personnel to be appointed as a Fire Watchman when apply for hot work permit.

Course Overview

FWSC training course is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively fulfill the role of a Fire Watchman. This includes understanding and implementing safety protocols during hot work activities, ensuring the prevention and rapid response to fire hazards, and being well-prepared to support the overall safety of the work environment.

Course Content

  • Upon concluding the training, participants will have accomplished the following learning objectives:• Understanding the Role of a Fire Watcher
    • Identification of Various Hot Work Categories
    • Fundamental Principles and Characteristics of Fire
    • Categorization of Fires Based on Extinguishing Agents
    • Proficiency in Employing Fire Extinguishers for Initial Fire Suppression
    • Appropriate Measures for Responding to Fire Incidents (within the CERT framework)
    • Implementation of Effective Fire Prevention Strategies

Course Duration

  • 4 hours, encompassing a 30-minute practical demonstration segment as well as a 30-minute written assessment session.

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Methodology:

Blended learning – Class Room Face to face Training ad practical demostration

Learning Environment: ·

  • Room with the capacity for up to 20 candidates for conduct of written assessment
  • Room or place to be used must be away from noise or interruptions

Class Size:

Recommended Class Size – Classroom: 20

  • Min – 10
  • Max – 20

Key Person In-charge: Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Facilitator/Learner Ratio:1:20 (class room) & 1:20 (hands-on practical training )

Course Attendance Minimum: 100% for classroom

Course Fee Inclusive of GST: S$ 109

Assessment Advice : Closed Book Written Assessment – 1 hour (consist of 20 MCQs & 5 Short answer questions) – Obtain overall 70% to be competent

Funding & Claims: NA


  • Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a certificate of achievement endorsed by Eversafe Academy Ltd., will be awarded to the trainee.
  • E-cert available

Course Venue

  • 3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606
  • 2, Joo Koon Road, Singapore-628966

Renewal Points for professionals: NA



Course Fee (Incl GST):


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