SGS- SG Secure Representative Course (SGS)

For Whom

  • Risk Management/ Assessment Team Champions (Leaders)
  • Risk Management/ Assessment Team Members
  • Management
  • WSH Professionals
  • Line Supervisors
  • SGSecure Representative or any other interested parties.

Entry Requirement

Comprehend the language in which the course is conducted.

Course Overview

Key objectives of SGSecure Representative Course are as follows:

  • To sensitise employers and employees to the terror threat and the importance for workplaces to be prepared;
  • Raise capabilities of workplaces to respond to and recover from a terror attack; and
  • Build understanding and trust among co-workers so that the workforce remains cohesive in the aftermath of an attack.

Course Content

  • What is SGSecure?
  • Prevention of terror attack
  • Emergency Preparedness for Terror Attack
  • Emergency respond to terror attack
  • Incorporating SGSecure as part of WSH Policy
  • Incorporate terror threat in Risk Management
  • Roles and responsibilities of SGSecure representative
  • SGSecure Apps
  • Resources on SGSecure

Course Duration:

4 hours including 15 minutes assessment.

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Methodology:

  • Face to Face class room teaching
  • On line webinar class

Learning Environment:   

Our ergonomically designed class rooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with white boards; audio/video equipment’s and free wi-fi

Qualification or experience of facilitators:

A facilitator and assessor of this course will possess the following:

  1. Advanced Certificate in WSH
  2. Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) qualification or Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE), and
  3. At least 3 years of relevant working experience.

Key Person In charge: Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Class Size: Maximum 20

Facilitator/Learner Ratio: 1:20 for Theory Lesson & Assessment

Course Attendance: 100% Attendance

Assessment Advice:

Competence based

Course Fee Inclusive of GST: S$ 109

Funding & Claims

  1. UTAP

Course Venue:   

  • 2 Kampong Kapor Rd, Little India, Singapore 208674
  • 3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606
  • 2, Joo Koon Road, Singapore-628966
  • or customer premises (in-house training)

Renewal Points for professionals

Not Available



Course Fee (Incl GST):


Are You Eligible?

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