Corporate Social Responsibility

In recent time every corporate companies are taking initiative programmes, which will help the society and the environment. Also the idea that a company should play a positive role in the community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions.

Following the protocol Eversafe Academy has dedicated some of its activities every month which will benefit the society and company’s commitment to carry out their business in an ethical way.

Latest Events

Free Food Served @ Krsna’s Free Meals

28th Apr 2023 @ Krsna’s Free Meals


Eversafe Academy is most honoured to assist in the good works of Krsna’s Free Meals by sponsoring free lunch on 28th April 2023 for needy people. 8 staff from Eversafe Academy were also present on that day to help in the preparation and distribution of the free meals.


Free Computer Classes for migrant workers

19th Feb 2023 @ Little India


We have started FREE Computer classes (5 day – 15 hours) for migrant workers, and we are most pleased to share that as there was a high demand for this class, we have accepted 19 students on a first come first serve basis, with more on our waiting list for the next class.


Free Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) course

Feb 2023 @ Pioneer


We have started a FREE BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) course exclusively for our corporate clients, with 5 batches conducted in February 2023.

Visit to Old age Home

27th Jan 2023 @ Sunlove Home, 70 BuangkokView, Singapore 534190


Eversafe Academy Management Team is most honoured to be one of the participating organizations to visit SUNLOVE HOME at 70 BuangkokView Singapore 534190 on Friday 27 January 2023 to celebrate Chinese New Year with the senior residents.

Our team of volunteer staff, led by our Managing Director Mr.Murugesh, who kindly arranged a small contribution of a Chinese New Year celebratory lunch with mandarin oranges (with the approval of the administration of SUNLOVE HOME) for all the senior residents, as a gesture of festive celebration with the senior residents. Our staff and MD Mr Murugesh spent a highly meaningful time with the senior residents, helping to serve the festive lunch as well as handing out the mandarin oranges with well wishes and festive greetings.

We had inspiring interactions and conversations with the senior residents, making us want to do and contribute more for the elderly. We were motivated to plan more activities throughout the year as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Holistic Education, to encourage more staff and learners to make time to interact and visit the elderly or those less fortunate, as part of our contribution to society.


Free Spoken English Class

29th Jan 2023 @ Little India


We have started offering FREE Spoken English Classes for migrant workers, and we are most pleased to share that there was a high demand for this type of FREE classes, which forms part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service by Eversafe Academy for the migrant worker community. We have opened up 20 FREE pax on a first come first serve basis.


Environmental Cleaning Program

17th Dec 2022 @ Little India


Eversafe Academy is pleased to invite our students to the Environmental Cleaning Program which is going to be organized on 17th Dec 2022 in and around the Little India area. The program is scheduled to start at 04.40pm from our Head Quater.

How it Works?


Blood Donation Drive

1st October 2022

Eversafe Blood donors
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Planting Trees

Little India @ 15th October 2022

8 Environmental Benefits of Planting a Tree

  • Reducing Climate Change

  • Purifying Air

  • Providing shade along the streets

  • Preventing Water Pollution

  • Providing Shelters for Wildlife

  • Renewable Energy Source

  • Reinforcing Soil

  • Erosion Control


At Eversafe Academy, we are committed to designing a better world for the future. I believe that world filled with hope and promise so we come together to help change the environment and society.

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