Student registration for the event:

All graduates must register for the graduation ceremony before 12 PM SGT on Friday, the 12th of April 2024.

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Dress Code:

A graduation ceremony is a formal event, and we request all attendees to dress appropriately to show respect for their educational achievements.

Suggested Dress Code :

Male Graduate


Female Graduate



  • Full-sleeved formal shirt with collar, trousers and a tie
  • Covered shoes with socks


  • Formal shirt or blouse with a skirt or trousers or a formal dress. Students may replace this with
  • Traditional formal attire such as a saree.
  • Formal shoes without high heels


  • Casual clothing such as T-shirts or shorts
  • Slippers/flip flops or sandals
  • Any messages or pictorials on clothing


Graduation sets have been organised for all graduates and will be available to buy for $20 at the ceremony. The set includes a graduation gown, a cap and a hood.

gown model
graduation gown
1 Compering (Master of) the Graduation Ceremony Ms.Oh
2 Lighting the Kuthuvizhaku Mr.Muru Cheif Guest & Student Rep
3 Welcome Speech Mr.Manu
4 Principal address Mr.Muru
5 Valedictory Speech By Teacher 1 Mr._____
6 Valedictory Speech By Student 1 MS.HENG MIN CHING
7 Valedictory Speech By Teacher 2 Mr._____
8 Valedictory Speech By Student 2 MR.MARAN ARUN
9 Chief Guest Message Mr.Rajendram
10 Award Ceremony Invite by Aparna Presented by Mr.Muru & Chief Guest
11 Vote of Thanks Mr.Monish
12 Farewell Song Students