Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Trainers


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a crucial aspect of maintaining excellence in any profession, and for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) trainers, it is no different. This post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the CPD Programme designed for WSH trainers, emphasizing the importance, requirements, and application process.

Programme Overview:

The CPD Programme for WSH trainers is mandatory for those conducting courses with ISO 29990/29993-certified Learning Service Providers (LSP) and SkillsFuture Singapore’s Training Providers (TP). The program goes beyond the foundational training received for WSH trainer registration, focusing on enhancing trainers’ knowledge and skills through various tools, methodologies, and techniques to engage trainees effectively.

One-Day Ethics Workshop:

Integral to the CPD Programme is the requirement to attend a one-day ethics workshop facilitated by the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (SISO). This workshop delves into ethical principles and values, challenging trainers to apply them in diverse training scenarios. The emphasis on ethics reflects the commitment to ensuring not just technical proficiency but also a strong ethical foundation in the field of workplace safety and health training.

Programme Requirements:

To maintain WSH trainer registration, individuals must complete a minimum of 10 hours of CPD activities annually. Excess training hours, up to 5 hours, can be carried forward to meet the next year’s requirement. The CPD requirement is prorated for new trainers and those returning from overseas postings, ensuring fairness in compliance expectations.

Audit Checks:

Audit checks are conducted by various authorities, including the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, and Certification Bodies accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council. Trainers must keep proof of attendance to facilitate these checks. The consequences of non-compliance with CPD requirements can result in suspension for trainers or training providers, underscoring the program’s seriousness.

How to Apply:

CPD Programme, directing trainers to reputable organizations such as the Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore Institution of Safety Officers, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. Details about eligibility, subsidies, and course fee concessions are outlined, empowering trainers to make informed choices regarding their professional development.


In a field as critical as workplace safety and health training, staying updated and continuously improving skills is paramount. The CPD Programme not only ensures compliance but also fosters a culture of excellence and ethical practice among WSH trainers. Embracing this program is an investment in personal and professional growth, contributing to the overall safety landscape in Singapore.


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