Modes of Payments Available


Visit your bank site -> Login (Using your Customer Id and Password) ->

First time set up the beneficiary details to system (one time process)

Add Beneficiary details (Eversafe Account details: Account number, Bank name, SWIFT CODE, IFSC Code)

Bank will send OTP to accept or approval to add Eversafe Account -> Approve

For Payment Transfer  

Bank transfer- Search for Eversafe Academy-check all the detail -> Enter the amount -> and click on ‘Submit -> You will get Reference Number/ UTR via SMS ->  You will get SMS during a transaction -> Your payment has been arranged ->  Transaction DONE Successfully.


Amount selected for payment
(amount will automatically display from the amount to pay)
click ok
go to their designated bank site for login
Select : bank locally
select : UEN NO.
(check the companny name is correct)
Enter Amount in Amount column
Reference NO. input invoice no.
(display messaga on payer side)
Payment Details : input Invoice No.
(Display message on payee side)
click submit
Approve payment


Login into Paypal website

  1.  Start the payment.
  2.  Add a way to pay. Link your preferred credit, debit or prepaid cards to your PayPal account.Use PayPal and you never need to enter your card details every time you pay
  3. Select whether you’re making a personal or business payment.
  4. Enter the details for the recipient.
  5. Choose the payment type and click Continue
  6. Confirm the amount and currency.
  7. Click confirm, and choose a funding source.
  8. Review the payment and you’re done.

NETS QR Online / NETSPAY only (Implementation is in Progress)

Only Available for locals.
Using their NETSPAY, DBSPaylah , UOB Mighty, or OCBC PayAnyone app, they can choose the scan option to scan the dynamic QR code to make payment.
As it is a Dynamic QR code, the amount changes accordingly to the price that is set so the user does not have to key in the amount on their end, avoiding any mistake in transactions. (For Website)

eNETS Credit only (Implementation is in progress)

Paying via keying in of credit card / debit card details online by Visa / Master


GIRO is a standing instruction that company or Individual set up with their preferred local banks in Singapore to allow payment to Eversafe Academy Pte Ltd to be deducted electronically. This needs to be setup one time by both parties at no cost. Once the process completed approved by both banks then the payment will be deducted from the customer account once in a month.

1. Login to: Eversafe Academy Portal
2. Click “My Homepage” for drop-down menu
3. Select e-services
4. Click “Forms”
TO “Apply for GIRO (manual steps)”
Giro Form will display with the guidelines. Read carefully the insturction given and Input the required information in the Giro form. click to see guidelines and form.
a. Click “Submit”
b.The GIRO form will pre-populate with the info you have input.
c. Print the GIRO form for the bank account holder to sign or affix his/her thumbprint with company stamp in accordance with the bank’s records.
d. Submit the completed GIRO form (with the bank account holder’s signature or verified thumbprint)with company stam in aaccordance with the banks’s records to the Eversafe Academy Accounts Department by hand or by post to submit bank.
e.Upon the reply from bank weill be notified to customer

Note: Customers will be informed the deduction details in one week advance through email to makesure both knows the details for the preparation. If the customer has query/dipute can clarify with accounts, if no reply deduction will happen automatically on the mentioned date.

Cheque/ Bank draft/bank cashier order

Prepare for the amount which the cheque drawn and
a. Write the following details on the reverse side of your cheque/bank draft:
◾ company name
◾invoice numbers
◾contact name and number
b. Mail to:
Accounts Department

Eversafe Academy Pte Ltd

2 Kampong Kapor Rd,

Singapore 208674


a. Bring along a printed copy of your student bill or tell the invoice number in the sales counter
b. Use nets card to make payment and get the receipt for future reference.
c. Payer is responsible for the receipt from the sales counter upon the payment made.

Cash (We don’t accept cash payments)

Note: Funding invoice payments can be made via Cheque, Giro and online transfer (Cash and Nets payments are not accepted for Funding Invoices)