Navigating HazMat Transport Safely: The HTDP Course by Eversafe Academy


Safety is paramount when transporting hazardous materials, and proper training is essential for drivers to handle these substances with care. At Eversafe Academy, we offer the HazMat Transport Driver Permit (HTDP) Course to equip drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe transportation of hazardous materials on Singapore roads.


Course Overview:

The HTDP Course provides comprehensive training on the transportation and handling of hazardous materials. Participants will learn about the nine classes of hazardous substances, legislation requirements, emergency response procedures, and basic fire fighting techniques. With a focus on practical training, drivers will be prepared to handle emergencies effectively.


Course Content:

  • Hazmat Transport Driver Permit
  • Roles and Responsibilities as a Hazardous Materials Transport Driver
  • Hazard Classes & Identification System
  • Carriage of Explosives by Road
  • Emergency Procedure Guide
  • Transport of Radioactive Materials
  • Transportation of Biological Agents & Toxins in Singapore
  • Transport Emergency Response Plan (TERP)
  • Emergency Procedure Guide
  • Basic Fire Fighting Portable Fire Extinguishers


Course Duration and Venue:

The course spans 8 hours, including a one-hour assessment, and is conducted in English. Training sessions take place at our fully equipped classrooms located at 2 Joo Koon Road, Singapore.


Learning Environment:

Our classrooms provide a comfortable and conducive learning environment, equipped with modern amenities such as whiteboards, audio/video equipment, and free Wi-Fi.


Facilitator/Learner Ratio and Certification:

With a facilitator-to-learner ratio of 1:20 for theory lessons and assessments, participants receive personalized attention. 

Upon passing the theory test, participants receive a Statement of Test Results, enabling them to apply for the Hazardous Materials Transport Driver Permit (HTDP) from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).


Course Fee and Funding Options:

The course fee, inclusive of 9% of GST, is S$141.70. Funding options, including SkillsFuture Credit, are available for eligible participants aged 25 and above.


Join Us Today:

Ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials by enrolling in the HTDP Course at Eversafe Academy. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate HazMat transport safely. For enrollment and further details, visit our website  or contact us at 

+65 6297 8417 or +65 9381 3608, or email us at or visit


Enroll today and play your part in enhancing HazMat transportation safety!

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