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This following are the target groups and it would be relevant to include but not limited to:

WSH Supervisor, WSH Coordinator,SHE Coordinator, HSE Coordinator,EHS Coordinator, personnel whose job responsibility involves supervising, coordinating WSH matters or implementing WSH programmes are to be eligible to attend this course.

Entry Requirement

ES Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 5 or GCE “N” Level English grade 5 & Mathematics grade 5

Note : If the student continues with the Level B course after completing the Problem Identification course, the following addional Entry requirements is mandatory.

Additional Entry requirements:

Possess Certificate in WSH (Level A), or any one of the following industry supervisor certificates:
i. Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course/ Supervise Construction Work for WSH/ Workplace Safety and Health Management in Construction Industry
ii.Shipyard Supervisor Safety Course/ Supervise Marine Work for WSH/ Workplace Safety and Health Management in Marine Industry
iii. Basic Industrial Safety and Health Course for Supervisors/ Supervise Manufacturing Work for WSH/WSH Management in Manufacturing Industry
iv. Oil/Petrochemical Industry Safety Course for Supervisors/Supervise WSH in Process Plant/ WSH Management in Chemical, Process, Pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories
Have at least 1 year of WSH relevant working experience.

Course Overview

Probelm Identificataion is a pre-requisite module for entry into the Full Qualification Course Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level B) under the Soft Skills Group. On completion of this unit, the learner will acquire the skills to work with a team of subordinates in practising problem-solving and decision-making, which includes anticipating and identifying potential problems, facilitating team’s effort to resolve the problem, making appropriate decisions and seeing implementation plans through.

Course Content

  • At the end of the course, the trainees are expected to understand and demonstrate the following essential Abilities and Knowledge. These would be taught via a combination of lecture, group discussions, presentations, learning activities, case study and hands-on practice. The module covers the following Abilities (A) and enable the learners to:
    • A1. Identify symptoms that could lead to potential problem at the workplace
    • A2. Articulate problems in a clear and concise manner
    • A3. Provide recommendations to resolve the issues at hand
    • A4. Apply logical deduction to anticipate and detect problems at the workplace
    • A5. Analyse relevant information surrounding the perceived problems
    • A6. Identify the exact problem using elimination process, objective reasoning or process questioning
    • A7. Analyse the root causes of the problems at the workplace using appropriate problem solving tools and techniques
    • A8. Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented solutions and implementation plans by analysing feedback gathered from relevant sources
    • The module covers the following Knowledge (K) elements:
      • K1. Sources from which symptoms of potential problems may be Identified
      • K2. Possible sources of problem
      • K3. Ways to identify impact of a problem on one’s job responsibilities and other parties involved
      • K4. Procedure for evaluating selected ideas for problem-solving
      • K5. Factors to consider in selecting suitable modes of communication
      • K6. Methods to determine the strengths and limitations or constraints of each selected idea
      • K7. Areas of impact from implementation of an action plan
      • K8. Types of corrective actions
      • K9. Reflective mechanisms for the entire problem solving process

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours including of 2 Hours 15 mins assessment

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Methodology:Asynchronous , Face to face classroom teaching

Learning Environment:Our ergonomically designed classrooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with whiteboards; audio/video equipment and free wi-fi.

Class Size: Maximum 25

Key Person In charge: Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Facilitator/Learner Ratio: 1:25 for Theory Lesson & Assessment

Course Attendance Minimum: 75% attendance

Assessment Advice:Written Assessment and Case Study

Course Fee Inclusive of GST: S$242.22

Funding & Claims

    1. Skills future credit/funding available


           -All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can us their $500 SkillFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory

Mandatory adoption of e-attendance via SingPass from 1 October 2023: As per the SSG regulation we are introducing “e-attendance via SingPass,” for participants applying for funding. To ensure a smooth process, please verify your SingPass app access before attending the course. Kindly note that manual attendance submissions will not be accepted for funding invoices. Thank you for your cooperation.

SkillsFuture Singapore Hotline: For enquiries relating to skills, training and portal issues, please contact SkillsFuture Singapore at 6785 5785

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Participants who achieved 75% attendance and certified competent will receive WSQ statements of attainment (SOA) and full certification by SSG

Course Venue

2 Kampong Kapor Road Little India Near, Jalan Besar, MRT Station Exit B, Singapore 208674

3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606

Renewal Points for professionals

Not Available

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