Services for International Students

Admission details for International Students

The application process for International students is slightly different from the local students and they are to meet particular legal requirements. Following are the systematic process of Admission

International Students

Life in Singapore

international studies


The GMT+8 time zone is observed in Singapore. With no clearly defined seasons, constant temperature and pressure, high humidity, and copious rainfall, it has a tropical rainforest climate. The usual temperature range is 23 to 32 °C. From November to February, you can observe a wetter monsoon season.


Official languages of Singapore are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English

Advice on Accommodation

Property Rental
Where you rent a complete vacant property, furnished or unfurnished. This is ideal if you arrive in Singapore and are willing to move in with friends or other students. This accommodation choice is best made after your arrival in Singapore only as it may take a few days before you move in. It makes sense to form a group of those willing to take up a whole unit and then view options at hand.
Room Rental
where you take a room at a property Where other people already live. You may be living with students, families or others who live nearby and have a spare room. Property rental or share housing can be furnished or unfurnished.
Where you generally live with a family and meals are provided. This option is always furnished

Electronic Change of Residential Address (eCOA)

General Expenses

Apart from accommodation & course fees, you must also budget for various living expenses. Following is an estimate of expenditures you should factor into our financial calculations

Medical Insurance

Eversafe Academy will assist in the process to purchase medical insurance for the learner.

Social Life

Apart from academics, Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities like CSR Activities, which will enhance their leadership qualities and their educational experience with the Academy.

ISL Officer

Our International Student Liaison will help the international student providing a variety of services which includes, pre-arrival and transition assistance.The International Student Liaison Officer (ISL Officer) will be an integral part of the Student Support Services (SSS) Department at Eversafe Academy. The main role of the ISL Officer is to ensure that Eversafe Academy’s international students have the most positive student experience and achieve the best possible academic outcomes while studying at Eversafe Academy. The ISL Officer will apply the best practices and provide the highest level of service to international students, empowering all our learners to achieve their full academic and professional potential.

Airport Pickup

A Complimentary airport/transport pick up will be arranged by Eversafe Academy for very first time the learners travel to Singapore. Student will submit a Travel Pick up form 7 days before he/ she travels to Singapore declaring his accommodation details. ISL Officer from Eversafe Academy will arrange and assist in smooth transit. If the learner is new to Singapore, Eversafe Academy will assist to locate accommodation for a week.

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Arrange a Sg sim card

ISL Officer will assist the learner to buy a sim card after he reaches Singapore.

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Currency Conversion

Check if student had to convert his cash into Singapore Currency, if needed guide him/her at the currency exchange counters at Singapore Changi Airport.

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The Student Handbook is designed to help students become familiar with the various academic support services and many other services to help you reach your educational and personal goals.

Pre Departure Checklist

Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity.
Check that you fulfil the Fully Vaccinated/Non-Fully Vaccinated Travelers Checklist to enter Singapore.
Book your accommodation
Book your flight ticket
Book your travel pick up from the Academy
Carry all the necessary documents (IPA Letter, Letter from School, etc.)
Hold enough funds for your expenses in Singapore

Applying for STP

Eversafe Academy will book an appointment for the learner with ICA to apply for Student Pass.

Documents Required
The Registration Acknowledgement Letter from the school
Learner’s travel document – biodata, birth certificate
Learner’s personal information, including the list of countries / places you have previously resided in, your educational background, employment history, financial support, parents’/ spouse's, siblings’ personal information (if applicable)
Learner’s residential address and contact details in Singapore – Singapore mobile no, email address, etc.
Learner’s recent passport-sized, digital, colour photograph
Learner’s Medical report
( Note : Female Student's Pass holders are not allowed to become pregnant.)