Shielding Your Workplace: Mastering Occupational First Aid Course with Eversafe Academy 

Are you prepared to be the first line of defense in workplace emergencies? Look no further than Eversafe Academy’s Occupational First Aid Course (OFAC). Designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to respond effectively during emergencies, this course is your pathway to ensuring safety in the workplace.

Course Overview:

The OFAC is meticulously crafted to empower participants with the expertise required to administer first aid and CPR confidently. From understanding legal obligations to managing medical emergencies and hazardous chemical exposures, this course leaves no stone unturned in preparing you to be a competent first aider in your workplace.

Course Content:

  • Explain the duties and responsibilities of First Aider.
  •  List the legal requirements under Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations 2006 Reg. 5 (2) for the workplace. 
  •  Check and pack the contents of the First Aid Box. 
  • Apply first aid to accident victims in the workplace. 
  • Manage a medical emergency at the workplace. 
  • Manage victims of hazardous chemicals exposure.
  •  Identify common workplace accidents requiring first aid treatment.

Course Duration and Certification:

Spanning over 23.5 hours, inclusive of a 2 hours 40 minutes assessment, this comprehensive course ensures participants acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate endorsed by Eversafe Academy Ltd., validating their competency in occupational first aid. E-certificates are also available for added convenience.


Entry Requirements:

To enroll in the OFAC, participants must possess ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 and above, ensuring they have the foundational skills necessary to grasp the course materials effectively.

Course Fee and Funding Options:

Investing in workplace safety is paramount, and the OFAC offers exceptional value for both individuals and employers alike. Furthermore, eligible participants can leverage funding options such as SkillsFuture Credit and UTAP to offset course expenses, making professional development accessible to all.

Learning Environment:

Our classrooms provide an immersive learning environment, equipped with modern amenities including audio/video equipment, free Wi-Fi, and ergonomic seating arrangements. With a facilitator-to-learner ratio optimized for personalized attention, participants can engage effectively in both theory and practical sessions.

Join Us Today:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a certified Occupational First Aider with Eversafe Academy. Elevate your skills and contribute to a safer work environment for all. To enroll or learn more about the Occupational First Aid Course, visit Eversafe Academy’s website.

For inquiries or registration assistance, contact us at +65 6297 8417 or +65 9381 3608, or email us at or visit

Safety in the workplace starts with you. Enroll in the Occupational First Aid Course (OFAC) today and be the difference when it matters most.

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