Staying Safe in the Lab: Easy Tips for Handling Chemicals


Working with chemicals in a laboratory, whether it’s for quality control in a commercial lab or learning in an educational one, requires careful handling to keep everyone safe. This blog will share simple yet crucial practices for laboratory safety, helping you avoid unwanted incidents like fires, burns, explosions, and more.

Laboratory Safety

Why It Matters:

Not managing lab chemicals properly can lead to serious problems, such as fires, burns, explosions, and harm to our health and the environment.

Risk Control Measures

Making it Safe:-

Procurement Stage:

  • Choose Safer Options: Buy chemicals that are less risky if there are safer alternatives.
  • Get What You Need: Only buy the amount you’ll use to avoid extra risks.
  • Train Right: Teach employees how to handle chemicals safely when they arrive

Storage Stage:

  • Group by Type: Keep chemicals that work well together stored together.
  • Use the Right Place: Store chemicals in proper cabinets that can handle fires.
  • Stay Upright: Secure gas cylinders so they won’t fall over.
  • Label Smart: Put labels on chemical containers to show what’s inside.
  • Get Ready for Emergencies: Have tools ready in case something spills, like spill control kits.

Transfer Stage:

  • Plan Well: Figure out the safest way to move chemicals without crowding.
  • Use Help: When moving lots or heavy chemicals, use carts or trolleys.
  • Match Containers: Use containers that go well with the chemicals.
  • Label Right: Make sure containers have the right labels.

Usage Stage:

  • Breathe Easy: Make sure labs are well-ventilated.
  • Use a Safe Spot: Handle dangerous chemicals inside special cupboards.
  • Gear Up: Wear safety gear like goggles, gloves, aprons, and covered shoes.
  • Put Things Back: Return chemicals where they belong after using them.
  • Clean Up Well: Wash your hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.

Disposal Stage:

  • Sort Smart: Separate chemical waste by what goes well together.
  • Use Good Containers: Keep waste in strong, leak-proof containers that match the content.
  • Label Clearly: Mark waste containers with what’s inside and what dangers it might have.
  • Dispose Right: Follow the correct steps to get rid of waste safely.
  • Call for Help: Get a licensed expert to collect the chemical waste.


Workplace Safety and Health Council

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