Top 5 Safety training courses for construction workers


In Singapore, All workers are required to attend and pass the Workplace Safety and Health training course to ensure that they are adequately trained in work safety. MOM Singapore aims to provide all workers with more in-depth knowledge and skills training so that they can be better prepared for their roles in their respective industries.

The Construction Sector is one of the essential and integral part of infrastructure development which gives a tremendous boost to our country’s economy. The Construction industry is probably one of the highest risk industries in Singapore. The construction industry has registered enormous growth worldwide in recent years. Although the development of technology is rapid in most of the sectors, construction work is still labor-intensive. It’s important that organizations take the issue of health and safety seriously and as part of this, they must ensure relevant and effective training provided to their personnel.

Apply Workplace safety & health in Construction Sites (ACS)

[previously Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers (CSOC)]
Duration: 18 Hours
Fee: S$118.80

All workers in the construction industry (local or foreign nationals) are required to attend and pass the Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites course to ensure that they are adequately trained in work safety.
The Workplace Safety and Health (Factories, Safety Training Courses order – clause 2 (6)) stipulates “Any worker employed in manual labour to carry out construction work in building and engineering construction worksites must undergo a safety and health training course approved by the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health”.

Course Overview:
• To equip all personnel with the relevant safety competencies to work in the Process and related industries;
• To reduce the gestation period before the worker can start working by harmonizing the regulatory requirements with the industry endorsed WSQ training; and
• To provide clear progression pathway and address the necessary skills required to move up to the next level of responsibility
• A3 size laminated workplace picture to identify unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
• Activate alarm and evacuate the classroom-practical evacuation drill

Construction Safety Orientation Courses – Recertification Assessment (CSOC – RC)

Duration: 8 Hours
Fee: S$ 86.4

For all workers in the construction industry (locals or foreign nationals) who are willing to renew their CSOC or ACS to continue to work in construction site, Construction Safety Orientation Course Recertification Assessment is a mandatory

Perform Work At Height (PWAH)

(Previously known as Work-At-Height Course For Workers (WAH-W)
Duration: 7 Hours 30 Minutes
Fee: S$97.20

PERFORM WORK AT HEIGHT (PWAH) course is for all workers who are required to work at heights. The participants will be taught the hazards and the safe work practices of working at heights.

The aim of the course is to provide course participants with the requisite WAH knowledge so that they can perform their WAH activities properly and safely. At the end of the course, the participants shall be able to:
• Identify relevant Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) legislations / approved codes of practice / Singapore Standards applicable to WAH and roles and responsibilities
• Identify WAH hazards and preventive measures related to WAH
• Demonstrate the understanding of use and care for the various fall arrest systems and equipment

Perform work in Confined Space Operation (PWCSO)

Duration: 14 Hours
Fee: S$118.80
All workers, including locals or foreign nationals, must undergo PERFORM WORK IN CONFINED SPACE OPERATION (PWCSO) before they are allowed to work in Manholes and other Confined Spaces.

Course Overview:
• Identify duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work under the WSH Legislations and Code of Practice.
• Identify confined space hazards.
• Use Gas Detection Instruments for atmospheric monitoring
• Comply with Permit-to-Work system and safe work procedures when working in confined space.
• Participate in an emergency for confined space.


(Previously known as Metal Scaffold Erection Course-MSEC)
Duration: 38 Hours
Fee: S$356.40

Under the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) 2006 Act, all persons who perform metal scaffold erection in the building and construction industry must take the metal scaffold erector course and be certified to ensure safety on the job. This course is designed for all workers working in the construction and related industries.

Course Overview:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to erect and dismantle metal scaffolds in accordance with the legislative guideline and statutory requirement.

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