CSR - Eversafe Academy

Corporate Social Responsibility

In recent time every corporate companies are taking initiative programmes, which will help the society and the environment. Also the idea that a company should play a positive role in the community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions.

Following the protocol Eversafe Academy has dedicated some of its activities every month which will benefit the society and company’s commitment to carry out their business in an ethical way.

Latest Events

Fire Drill

 19th Jan 2024 @ Wan Lee Office



Visit to Nursing Home

 27th Mar 2024 @ Man Fut Tong Nursing Home

On March 27, 2024, as part of our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we had the privilege of visiting Man Fat Tong NursingHome located at 20 Woodlands St 82, Singapore 738507 assisted by Mr. Andrew.

During our visit, we distributed goody bags to 40 elderly residents, along with providing essential items to others in need. It was a heart-warming experience for all involved, as we had the opportunity to brighten the day for these senior citizens and contribute positively to their well-being. The event was not only fulfilling but also served as a reminder of the importance of community engagement and support for those in need. We are grateful for the chance to make a meaningful impact and look forward to continuing our efforts to serve and uplift our community.

A special note of thanks to the management of Man Fat Tong Nursing Home for their selfless dedication and commitment to taking care of the aged people who are entrusted to them and to Mr.Andrew and his team who accompanied and guided us throughout our visit to distribute the goody bags.




Blood Donation

 30th Mar 2024 @ Health Sciences Authority, 11 Outram Road, Singapore 169078



Visit to Sun Love Home

 26th Apr 2024 @ Sun Love Home in Buangkok


Visit to St. Andrew’s Nursing Home

 28th June 2024 @  Buangkok



Visit to Old Age Home

 27th Jan 2023 @ Sunlove Home, 70 BuangkokView, Singapore 534190


Free Spoken English Class

 29th Jan 2023 @ Little India


Free Computer Classes for Migrant Workers

 19th Feb 2023 @ Little India



Free Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) Course

 Feb 2023 @ Pioneer


We have started a FREE BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) course exclusively for our corporate clients, with 5 batches conducted in February 2023.

Free Food Served @ Krsna’s Free meals

28th Apr 2023 @ Krsna’s Free Meals


Eversafe Academy is most honoured to assist in the good works of Krsna’s Free Meals by sponsoring free lunch on 28th April 2023 for needy people. 8 staff from Eversafe Academy were also present on that day to help in the preparation and distribution of the free meals.


A Mass Fire Drill for the Residents

25th Aug 2023 @ Home Stay Dormitory at Kaki Bukit


As part of our CSR activities and with the motivation to promote safety, Eversafe Academy conducted a mass fire drill for the residents at Home Stay Dormitory at Kaki Bukit on 25th August 2023. The event was well received by the migrant workers.


Cleaning Environment

 14th October 2023 



Visit to Shri Narayana Mission Nursing Home

 2nd November 2023 



Blood Donation Drive

1st October 2022


Planting Trees

Little India @ 15th October 2022


Environmental Cleaning Program

 17th Dec 2022 @ Little India